APT, PC Mission and Philosophy


Absolute Physical Therapy, PC: Mission Statement

We Believe:

  • In providing the finest care to all visitors of APT, PC.
  • That an atmosphere of human dignity, privacy, and comfort should be provided to the ill and injured.
  • That continuing education is an integral part of the patient’s plan-of-care approach to wellness.
  • That APT, PC should initiate performance improvement activities leading to total quality managements.
  • That orderly growth and development of APT, PC should be achieved by planning and anticipating future service and requirements.
  • That planning must include considerations of community needs as well as referral patterns for services offered.
  1. Excellent care
  2. Patient dignity and privacy
  3. Continuing education
  4. Growth, development, planning
  5. Community outreach


 Absolute Physical Therapy, PC: Philosophy

We Subscribe To:

  • The concept of health defined by the World Health Organization as: “….a state of complete physical, mental, and well-being and not merely absence of disease or infirmity.”
  • The belief that the best clinical results come from combining recent advances in research with systemic evaluation procedures to form an accurate clinical diagnosis and prognosis.
  • The integration of alternative therapies to the process of rehabilitation as essential to the goal of treating the whole person.
  • Seeking new ways and means of being responsive to ever changing community health needs. As an adjunction to this concept the improving of the APT, PC services should be achieved through evaluation of those services and applied research in improving those services.